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Makaron z pesto i cukinią

- 23:47

Ingredients (2 portions):
300g of favourite pasta (I used corn pasta this time)
3 tablespoons of green pesto
3 tablespoons of fresh parsley
3 tablespoons of roasted sesame seeds
1 medium zucchini
1 tablespoon of oil for fry (coconut oil, rice oil..)
salt & pepper
1. Boil water for pasta.
2. Cut zuchinni along and into slices (i choose semicircles, but feel free to cut it into other shape  :) ).
3. Fry zuchinni on heated pan with 1 tablespoon of oil, put salt and pepper on.
4. When pasta is ready mix it with pesto and zucchini. Taste it and add pepper and salt or other spices on.
5. Put sesame seeds and parsley on top
6. Bon Appetit! :D

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