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Babeczki dyniowe

- 22:55

Recipe for 12 muffins.

Helpful equipment:
We need two bowls (one medium and one big) and small cup.

2 tablespoons of flooded linseeds
6 tablespoons of boiling water

Bowl #1 medium (wet ingredients)
300g of pumpkin
half cup of milk
half cup of oil
1 orange (peel & juice)

Bowl #2 big (dry ingredients)
150g sugar (or replacement)
250g flour (i usually use spelt)
2 spoons of baking powder
pinch of salt

Extra additions!
+Powidła śliwkowe (pół słoiczka)
or nuts

1. Bake pumpkin for about 30min in 200C until it will be soft.
2. Prepare linseed egg in cup: mix linseeds with boiling water and leave for few minutes.
3. Prepare dry ingredients in big bowl.
4. Prepare wet ingredients and blend it.
5. Add linegg from cup to bowl with wet ingredients and mix it.
6.Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix it for awhile, it is ready when all flour is wet.
7. Fill muffins form and finish it with nuts or plum jam.
8. Bake 25min in 200C

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